Spice Up Your Dinner Time Talk

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easy cheeseburger slider recipe

Spice Up Your Dinner Time Talk

With all of the activities my kids take part in, it is difficult to find time to get everyone face-to-face to share a laugh or just let each other know what is going on. There is always drama class practice, soccer, basketball games, and chess club after school. We are lucky to get a moment together as a family every day. For this reason, dinner time is very important in our household. It is the only meal that we are all home at the same time, so obviously I want it to be special. Growing up, my family always did dinner time at the table with everyone there. I’ve carried on the tradition with my family and really like how we all look forward to tell each other about how our day went.


Make Dinner Time BOLD

In addition to flavorful foods, another way Ore-Ida is bringing on the excitement at the dinner table is with their #FindYourBOLD dinner table discussions.  These are BOLD images that have discussion prompts on them. Hop over to the #FindYourBOLD Pinterest board for some BOLD discussion ideas like “If I could magically have another 1 hour in a day, how could I use it to help you?” OR “If you could invent something to solve a world problem, what would it be?”




Try this Easy Cheeseburger Sliders Recipe that’s simple and easy to put together, even when you are in a hurry! It pairs fantastically with Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy Zesties®!

Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy French Fries coupon

The kids loved the fries and said they were better than any restaurants fries! In my opinion they are healthier because I baked them in the oven. PLUS they are Gluten Free!

If your’e looking to liven up not only your dinner table discussions but your meal routines, I suggest you try Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy French Fries!


Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy French Fries

FindYourBOLD at the Dinner Table

The Ore-ida® bold and crispy fries come in a variety of new flavors:

  • Garlic & Pepper Steakhouse Fries
  • Smoky BBQ Oven Chips
  • Zesties®
  • Spicy Sriracha Fries

These french fries are the perfect side to any of the following main meal ideas: hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn chicken, or for an afternoon snack. Grab your $1 off coupon now so that you can try the new Ore-ida bold and crispy flavors.



Do you have any additional tips on how to talk to your tween or teenager about difficult subjects? Have you tried the new Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy French Fries yet?

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