Send Expired Coupons to Troops & Family Members Overseas!

Many readers often do not know that you can send your expired coupons overseas to the military! Over there they can use them up to 6 months expired! If you have extra or expired coupons, please make sure to send them to our military because they are making a sacrifice for us!

Here are a few things to remember to make it easier:

  • It is best to send coupons no more than 4 months expired as it does take some time to send them over.
  • Super helpful if you separate the coupons into categories: Food, Baby, Household, Health & Beauty, etc.
  • Separate expired coupons from non expired coupons.
  • Have the proper postage on your package. (please understand that they are already sacrificing so the little amount you pay in postage, will be greatly appreciated!)

There are two sites that I have found with addresses.

  • The first one is from a military wife. Check out the list HERE.
  • The second site is called Coupons to Troops.  Check out their page HERE.
  • The third site is called Coups for Troops. Check out their page HERE.
  • And lastly, a Facebook page for Coups for Troops! Check out their page HERE!

And don’t forget you can also send a FREE Card to our Troops!








Just head over HERE!



Right now you can score a FREE Military care package to send to a loved one overseas and get FREE Shipping along with it.

Scion Care Packages include some choice Scion goodies like beanies, a deck of cards and a complimentary hour of internet access – exclusively for U.S. Military personnel only. Just fill out the request form here and get one sent.


If you know of any other Military FREEBIES please let us know and I”ll add them to the list!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning CouponsToTroops. Just wanted to leave the link to our Facebook page, ( We are one of the few websites that encourage people to send their coupons DIRECTLY to a military family overseas, and we'll even help put you in touch with a military family. By sending direct, your coupons get into the hands of the families who will use them (or share them with others) quicker than if they are mailed to a collection point here in the US before they are mailed over. Thanks again for the mention!!!

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