New Luvs Diapers: The Clue is in the Blue #TheClueIsInTheBlue

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If you have babies, or are about to become a parent for the first time, finding the right diaper is one of the first things we worry about (after learning to take care of the babies lol).  We want to make sure that the diapers we choose are comfortable, and that they don’t leak.  Nothing is worse than having a soaking wet baby, it’s uncomfortable for them, and sometimes for us parents, too, if we’re holding them when the diaper decides it’s done holding the contents.

Luvs has created a great new Super Absorbent diaper that will finally stop us from worrying about leaks!  They have a contoured shape with leak barrier leg gathers, for a snug, yet comfortable fit.  They also feature an ultra absorbent leakguard core that keeps the wetness away from your baby’s sensitive skin.  These diapers work even better than regular Luvs (15 % better!).

If you’re looking to buy some of these for your kids, or even for a baby shower, just look for the blue seal on the Super Absorbent Leakguard boxes of diapers, at your local Walmart.  These diapers are being exclusively sold at all Walmarts, so be sure to grab your box soon!

If you know someone who is about to have a baby, make sure you mention the new Super Absorbent Luvs to them, or buy her a pack for her baby shower!  If you have a child of your own that is still in diapers, try them out for yourself, and tell me if you liked them!

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Have you seen or tried the new Super Absorbent Luvs yet?  If so, did you love them, or not so much?  Let me know in the comments!

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