MathCrunch: Live Tutor! Improve your Math Skills!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of MathCrunch. All opinions are my own.

MathCrunch: Live Tutor! Imporove your Math Skills!

MathCrunch: Live Tutor! Imporove your Math Skills!

My daughter is in Geometry in high school. She struggles nightly with applying endless formulas to figure out the length of a tangent line or something of the sort. As a math instructor, I am called upon to save her from her prison of two-dimensional area problems or the cosine of an angle. When I am away from home on business, Bianca is left to help her with her math anxiety. This endeavor normally lasts for about 15 minutes until Bianca calls me and hands the phone to my daughter for us to work this out. In the time it took to call me and explain the problem, Cassie could have taken a photo of the math problem with her smartphone and used the Mathcrunch App to connect with a tutor to get help.



Mathcrunch connects any student or parent with a tutor that can assist in solving problems step-by-step. The tutors do not give you the answer. They walk you through solving the problem. This helps in two ways. It shows the student the how to determine and use the formulas appropriate for the given problem. This method also teaches the students a framework for problem solving in general. Mathcrunch keeps a history of the student’s progress for the tutor to review in order to help the student progress with their problem solving skills. As the student progresses, they will need the tutor less and less. All the while, the student has an opportunity to rate the tutor after each session. This rating coupled with the hiring practice in which each tutor must pass an exam and in-depth interview ensure the quality of the tutors.

Mathcrunch recently released its newest and most effective app version that includes an improved rating algorithm for tutors further enhancing the quality of the Mathcrunch experience. Every student that uses the app must agree to an honor code and a promise to learn in which they agree that Mathcrunch will not be used in any way that the learning institutions prohibit, especially to gain answers on tests, and that they will take responsibility for their education learning the concepts.

My daughter tried the app for the first time tonight. There was a Geometry problem that she could not solve. She used the app and had help within a few minutes. She solved the problem and continued with her homework. All in all, she said that it was easy to use and that she would use it again if I wasn’t available to help.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of MathCrunch.

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