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UPDATE: Contest is over!

I don’t know about you guys, but we are always fighting germs in our house!! Especially in the winter time everyone is always sick! So when the folks at Lysol® asked me to review the Lysol® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System and the Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes: Dual Action, I jumped at the chance.

Lysol is a brand that has been around since I can remember!  Given the chance to review products from Lysol, I really researched their site and found that they have so much to offer. They offer cleaning tips, how to’s on keeping your family healthy, and you can even chat with a Doctor about Allergens and other topics. {Seriously!} They even have you-tube videos of how-to allergy-proof your home! Isn’t that pretty neat???!!!!

One of their new products is the Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System. I hate when I’m in the kitchen and need to wash my hands, but don’t want to contaminate things! That’s where this easy, No-Touch Hand Soap System came in great use!! It is so easy to put together and the sensor is great. I have bought sensor systems like this in the past and they did not work so great! I would put my hand under it and nothing would come out unless I had it situated just right. The Lysol No-touch dispensed the soap EVERY time!

I give this product a two thumbs up!!

Lysol is also hosting a Lysol® No Touch Stainless Steel Sweepstakes on their facebook fan page.  Enter for your chance to win a set of Whirlpool® stainless steel kitchen appliances!  Check out the Lysol® website where you can get handwashing and back to school tips for keeping your family germ free.


Lysol Back-to-School Prize Pack to One Lucky SlickHousewives Reader which includes…

-1 Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

-1 Lysol Disinfecting wipes Complete Clean

How to Win It?

What is your favorite Lysol Product and Why?

Contest Ends:

8/28/2011 at 11:59 PM EST!

Just leave a comment on this post on my website NOT Facebook!

Disclosure:  I received free products in return for an honest review.  Thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.  For more information please see my full disclosure policy.


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  1. Jessica Bowlin-Burton says
    Definitely the wipes! I always make sure I have a can on them in reach...especially with a 6 yr old boy running around...
  2. my favorite lysol product is the disinfectant wipes because you can use them almost anywhere!. not to mention i work in a school!
  3. Gina Taylor says
    Love the Wipes!! With a 14 month old stuff can get crusty on things lol!
  4. Laura McGuire says
    I love the no-touch hand soap system. I keep it on the corner of my sink and use it multiple times a day while I'm cooking and cleaning up. There are several different scents for the soaps and they all smell great!
  5. Erica Bradley says
    The disinfecting wipes!! I have 3 kids (7,2, and 9 months) and 2 cats and the wipes make for an easy clean up.
  6. I love the Lysol Disinfecting wipes Complete Clean, because they are so handy to use at my school. Just pull one out and wipe off door knobs, or anything else that a child can touch.
  7. The disinfecting wipes are the best, being someone with an immune system disorder like me, having them has been a life savor! Not to mention a crazy 3 year old running around making messes!
  8. Brittany Carriero says
    I love it all because it is all sanitizing which is so important
  9. Lisa Bohnenberger says
    I love all lysol products .all our my favorite.Wont use anything but lysol : )
  10. there is no lysol product that i dislike! i love them all!!! especially the no touch soap dispenser, even my 2 yr old loves washing his hands with it. it dispenses just the right amount of soap for his little hands too! i love taking the wipes with me in the diaper bag every where i go to wipe away germs from carts and high chairs!!! thanks lysol!!
  11. Layla Stuhldryer says
    I just bought the hands free soap dispenser for my bathroom and I love it. I would love to have another for my Kitchen sink. They are great for kids with goo all over their hands and keep everyone a little more germ free.
  12. My Favorite Lysol Product is the wipes because I use them for clean everything and anything I can =)
  13. The wipes...very convienant for those many messes that my kids makes.
  14. I love the wipes. They are easy and quick. They are a great way to clean on the run. They are also great for kids to use in the classroom for their desks; both inside and out!
  15. The wipes are my favorite as they're easy to help keep germs away with kids always running around.
  16. I like using Lysol wipes the most because you don't have to get anything else out to use them. No extra rags or paper towels, and THEN, best of all, you toss them out when you're done! It makes killing germs and cleaning up SO EASY!
  17. Gerri Briggs says
    I like the wipes because they are convenient, safe for my son to use, and dry quickly. They also come in nice scents that actually smell like what they are supposed to smell like.
  18. On normal days, I would say the wipes are my favorite but today I woke up to a toddler trying to wash her own hands, an empty hand soap and a big mess. So maybe the hands free soap dispenser today. ;)
  19. Bianca Roman says
    I absolutely love LYSOL® Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes!!! I'm a scrubber when I'm cleaning, so having a scrubber on one side of the wipe makes me giddy haha.
  20. I would love to win these :)
  21. This sure would make my wife happy to win these.
  22. I do like the wipes, but honestly, I LOVE the 4 in 1 spray cleaner. I can clean my entire home with just 1 bottle of cleaner, rather than cluttering the closet with 15 different kinds of cleaners. That stuff is pure magic - it disinfects just like all the other Lysol products, but I can use washable cloths with it so it's better for the environment than tossing the Lysol wipes all the time.
  23. amberlee mcdaniel says
    My favorite Lysol product is the disinfectant wipes! Without them in my kitchen, I feel LOST to say the least!
  24. Kimberly Thornton says
    The wipes for sure! I use them daily and would be lost without them. I have been wanting to try out one of these for my daughter to wash her hands in the bathroom as she isn't quite strong enough to work the pump soap yet.
  25. Janene Scarborough says
    I really love the Lysol neutra air fabric mist, I use it so much, living with 3 of my grandkids and a dog so it really keeps the house smelling great, fresh and clean, also the disinfectant wipes come in so handy as well with having little ones around.
  26. Christina Kline says
    I just LOVE the Dual Acting wipes. They work perfect in the kitchen to clean up sticky messes and crumbs. With my kids, I need to have a steady supply of these on hand all the time, lol Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)
  27. Joanna Hickman says
    I like the lysol wipes for keeping the kitchen clean
  28. Theresa kelsey says
    My very favorite lysol product is the lysol wipes. I use these every night to wipe down the bathroom. There are four men in this house and thy can make a mess. When I use the wipes things stay a little cleaner and smelling better. It helps cut down my deep clean times as well! Love the wipes!
  29. I love the lysol wipes because they are so great for quick cleanups! I use them everywhere!
  30. Katie Wrolsen says
    I use the wipes in my classroom often. I trust them to kill the germs that the kiddies drag in. :)
  31. I love the Lysol wipes!! They are so convenient and I use them everywhere! I trust this brand so it'll get the job done.
  32. Bella Larson says
    I love the wipes, they are really convenient, and with working at a school, they are helpful in the classroom
  33. My favorite is definitely the no touch hand soap system. I absolutely LOVE it!! Best invention ever. Its in my kitchen and its great for the kids. I recommend to anyone who doesnt have one, to get one. I like the scent of soap as well.
  34. I like Lysol disinfectant spray. It's great for garbage cans!
  35. stephanie miller says
    i love the lysol wipes! so easy to use!
  36. I like Lysol wipes. Makes it easy to clean the bathroom.
  37. I like a lot of Lysol products but a must have is the Disinfecting Wipes. sstrode at scrtc dot com
  38. I love the Lysol Spray ...its kills everything germy!!!!
  39. My favorite is the LYSOL® Disinfecting Wipes: Dual Action. They make it easy to clean both heavy-duty and light messes.
  40. I like Lysol disinfectant spray. The reason is because i love to spray it to trick my husband into thinking i cleaned all day.
  41. Hi! I think my favorite is definitely the wipes! They are convenient and come in handy for so many things :) Thank you so much for the opportunity to win in this giveaway! ~Mippy :) bunnysmip (AT) yahoo (DOT)com
  43. I love the wipes the best.
  44. As a college student with several extracurricular activities outside of classes, keeping myself healthy while keeping my apartment clean is not always the easiest. Lysol disinfecting wipes are the perfect product to help do just that! They make keeping my apartment looking clean easy and fast (which as a college student, time is not always on my side!), while also keeping me healthy by keeping away germs! So when my mom comes to visit, she doesn't worry about her little girl getting sick because she knows that I am in good hands :) Thanks Lysol!
  45. Corinne Lockie says
    I absolutely love the wipes. I clean twice as often in half the time. So easy to use I keep some all over the house!

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