How to Workout from Home

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 How to workout from Home

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I have a confession to make. I do not like going to the gym. First of all I feel like every guy in there is watching me. You know what I’m talking about? You walk into the gym and the guys are laser-focused on you as you go from machine to machine.
Secondly, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I go into the gym and feel like I’m in the middle of a forest of metal sculptures and don’t know what any of them do.
Lastly, I can’t find time in my schedule and it’s hard to get away. So I usually end up paying a monthly fee and not going wasting hundreds of dollars in the process.

How to Workout from Home

Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®

I have been researching complete home gyms and found one that is affordable and user-friendly. It’s from Balanced Body – a great place for Pilates and mindful movement equipment that’s perfect for busy fitness enthusiasts like me who prefer to workout from home.

Complete Home Gym

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Complete Home Gym

I am currently using MOTR which is a complete home gym in a 43” cylinder that won’t break the bank or take up much space. You can improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning and cardio. MOTR provides a quick, complete workout in almost any room in the house. I love how budget-friendly MOTR is for busy moms like me, who want to squeeze in a quick workout but don’t want to go the gym. Since all the components are stored in the core of the MOTR roller, it takes up very little room and can easily be tucked away in a closet.

Motr at home gym

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Challenging and Diverse Workout Tool

You can do all the workouts you need to gain a strong, agile body and balanced musculature.

  • Strength Training
  • Balance
  • Agility Work
  • Functional Training
  • Cardio
  • Core


how to work out at home

Motr at home Workout System

MOTR comes with a DVD with two workouts, and flash cards that let you mix and match exercises depending on what you’d like to work on that day. You can target:

  • Core Integration
  • Balance
  • Agility Training
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body

Workout from Home

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If you are unsure Pilates is right for you, be sure to head over to the Balanced Body page for more information and the health benefits of Pilates.

Try it!

Are you ready for all the workouts you need to gain a strong, agile body and balanced musculature without spending a fortune on Pilates classes or gym memberships? Give MOTR a try today! It retails for $349 and is so worth it! It’s my Personal Trainer in a Tube.

Personal Training in a Tube

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How to Workout from Home

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UPDATE: The winner of the MOTR by Balance Body is…….Nicki Smith!! Nicki we have contacted you by email and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize!  Thanks everyone and look for more great giveaways!


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  1. I love that it is so versatile and you can work on different body parts like the LOWER BODY
  2. I like that it is portable so you can take it with you wherever you decide to exercise.
  3. I like that it serves multiple uses and isn't bulky.
  4. Anita Duvall says
    What I like the most about the MOTR is the fact that you can work out so many different areas of the body with just one small compact product. Balance, Upper Body, Strength training, or just toning up. Perfect.
  5. Would LOVE this!!!
  6. Jeanne Coulombe says
    I love how you can do your whole body workout and without a big gym set up you can use it anywhere. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my Dr wants me to start working out this is perfect
  7. violet taylor says
    i like that it does not take ahuge up front commitment
  8. One of the things I like most about MOHR is that it can be used in so many ways. MOHR can be used anywhere and it can give you a complete workout. Also, the fact that it also helps with balance and agility makes it even better.
  9. Tracey Garland says
    I love this product all around. I love that it is portable and has so many different uses.
  10. I work out at home but have never seen this product before. I love how this will strengthen your core and give you a killer workout.
  11. love that it is portable and looks like it works all over
  12. This is amazing. I really want one. i like that it's portable adn it helps with balance.
  13. Ashley Mullins says
    This looks pretty cool. I've never tried pilates but I've always wanted too. And I'm all for a complete home gym. Thanks for the giveaway.
  14. I love how it is portable and you can mix things up.
  15. Now this looks like something I could do at home. I am not fond of leaving the house to do exercise. Having something like this would help motivate me to do more at home.
  16. Once I get the go-ahead to exercise again I totally would love to try one of these. Very unique piece of fitness equipment.
  17. Morgan Watson says
    I love that you can work out all aspects, not just upper and lower. You can do your core, balance, agility... anything.
  18. I like that MOTR is portable and easy to set up.
  19. I like how small it is and that it can be used for all levels of fitness!
  20. I like that you can build your own workouts. I also like how portable it is.
  21. I desperately want to get in an effective and easy workout routine that I can do at home. I've never seen a product like the MOTR but I've enjoyed pilates-type workouts before so I bet this would be really fun. Thanks for the chance to win one in the giveaway!
  22. The MOTR system looks very handy. I love that it's portable and there are so many options to try when using it!
  23. Tara Darity says
    I love that it is portable! This would be very useful!
  24. I love that you can get a full body workout in the comfort of your home.
  25. Steve Weber says
    I love how many different exercises you can get out of this product.
  26. I love how compact this is.
  27. Alisha Rhodes says
    The versatility and portability of the MOTR would make it perfect for me!
  28. GENA VIGGIANI says
  29. I am SO looking into this. Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for me and I would love to be able to do it at home!
  30. I like that I can workout at home. This looks like an amazing piece of equipment that doesn't take up too much room and would let me take my workout to the next level.
  31. I love the fact that you can do Cardio, strength training, work your lower body and abs all with one workout system!
  32. Kristin McCall says
    I love the design and the different motions you can do with it. It looks really interesting.
  33. Love how compact it is!
  34. the 'clever design' ;) <3
  35. I can't always make it to the gym and so this is perfect for me. Thanks for all the different tips.
  36. How versatile it is and all the different ways I can use it.
  37. The thing I like best about the MOTR is it's size in storage AND use. I have a tiny one bedroom apartment with a roommate, so space is always a priority!
  38. I love that you can use this anywhere! I am very active so this is perfect, thank you for the great offer :)
  39. That gym looks awesome! I really need to get back into working out!
  40. I like the fact that it is compact yet you can exercise your entire body with just one machine.
  41. Marilyn Nawara says
    I love the size -- you can store it in the closet or under the bed. Would love to have this!
  42. I workout from home! It looks like an amazing all in one system! Love it!
  43. I love how many different exercises you can do with it and how little room it would take up in my apartment!
  44. shannon fowler says
    I love how many different body parts you can work. It seems like it is an incredible design. I also love that it can easily be tucked away when not in use. It seems perfect for any home gym
  45. I like that you can build your workout online.
  46. Jenny Scheldberg says
    I like that it packs up nicely for travel. You could easily use it in a hotel room and store it in a closet at home. Bulky gym equipment can be a drag.
  47. I like that the MOTR by Balanced Body has such much versatility and so many workout options.
  48. brittany doerfler says
    I like how versatile the MOTR is.
  49. Cindy Peterson says
    I love my small house but I like to work out at home. This is a perfect for my lifestyle.
  50. My favorite feature of the MOTR is how portable it is. If I wanted to exercise at a park or at a friends it wouldn't be an issue at all.
  51. It is portable and versatile. Love that!
  53. Leona Olson says
    I think it would help me with my balance.
  54. I also like that MOTR can be used for Agility Training.
  55. Michelle Northcutt says
    I love the fact that I can use it to work on both balance and agility! The fact that it's portable with workouts on the go is an added plus! Would Love this! Would be interesting doing the instructor training!
  56. I like how small and portable it is. I also like how you can use it for different parts of your body.
  57. I like that when you tell your friends about MOTR, you can get cash back.
  58. I've been working out for 20 years mostly weights, by have also done martial arts and biked. The MoTR looks both fun and practical. I would love to try it!
  59. I like that's its portable and I like all of the different exercises you can do on it.
  60. I love that it's portable and also decent looking! I could use this for bettering my workouts.
  61. brittany marie thompson says
    I like that the MOTR can work all different muscle groups and doesn't take up much space.
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    love that it is portable and looks like it works all over
  63. I like that it MOTR is good for both individual and group exercise.
  64. Katie Kyleen says
    I love how compact and versatile it is! It's everything I do at the gym--only this item would allow me to do it at home! Amazing. Love it. I would love to win one of these!
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    This would work well in my tiny apartment!
  66. Kassie Brown says
    I'm really impressed that one small device can work out so many different parts of the body. It's so versatile.
  67. Cindy Peterson says
    I really love how compact the unit is and yet you can get a true workout.
  68. Jennifer H. says
    I like that it offers unlimited programming and limitless results.
  69. tasha wilkerson says
    I love that I can take it with me where ever we go!
  70. I love how much you can do with it!
  71. Rajee Pandi says
    it’s portable and there are so many options to try without going to gym
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    I love that it is so versatile, but even more than that, that it involves some balance in some of its uses, which involves yet another set of muscles.
  73. Velder S dixon says
    Its so versatile
  74. I like that it is small and compact unlike other HUGE workout equipment pieces! Thanks and God bless!
  75. Love the simplicity of the product.
  76. I love it! So easy and transportable. Great product.
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    I love that is portable and easy to set up I could take it with me everywhere and always be fit, healthy and happy with these amazing product. Thanks for the wonderful ️chance :)!
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    I love how you can target so many different parts of the body. It is so versatile. But my favorite part is that it is portable. So awesome!
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    Wow, awesome giveaway! I love the versatility and ease! What a great workout! this would definitely help me break my fitness plateaus!
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    I like the design (compact) and that you get a full workout
  81. This looks so cool! I love how it looks so easy to carry and store. I do love the gym but there are definitely days I just can't make it either due to schedules, kids, or weather! Always great to have at home options to keep you moving! :)
  82. wow
  83. I like that the MOTR is portable and you can throw the strap on your shoulder and go.
  84. I need one of these. It's so hard go get motivated.
  85. i like that it does not take ahuge up front commitment
  86. Cindy Peterson says
    Space is at a premium and I find this a remarkable piece of exercise equipment for the space challenged.
  87. I like that it is very versatile and easy to assemble and use.. a plus with home workouts
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    The fact that is portable and easy to set up would be the biggest draw for me. But I am interested in the balance & agility training.
  89. I like that you can perform several different exercises, targeting all different parts of the body with this product. Very cool considering the size.
  90. Katie Amanda says
    I love MOTR’s versatility. Since I started to run consistently, I need to do crosstraining. This would be the perfect equipment to use.
  91. I love how you can take it with you since it is so transportable!

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