How to Make Money and Save Money using Dealspotr

 Save and Make Money using Dealspotr

How to Make Money and Save Money using Dealspotr

Online shopping is something most of us enjoy. You don’t have the hassle of going into the physical store and shuffling through racks and racks of clothes. Saving money is another thing most of us enjoy. Making money is a third thing most of us probably enjoy. Put all of these together and you get Dealspotr. It’s the perfect recipe for money-saving and money-making success!


You’ve probably seen many websites for deals online and coupons like, RetailMeNot, and Groupon. Dealspotr is another website like these with coupon codes and deals galore, but with the ability to earn cash while you save!


They describe themselves as a “an open, community-edited deal site” as deals are posted by the community and the “Wikipedia of deals” which is spot on. Dealspotr is a little more than just a deal site, as users can make money too!

Dealspotr will save you money

What is Dealspotr and what do they provide?

Dealspotr is a website where members of the Dealspotr community post coupons, deals, discounts, promo codes, and sales. The content on the site is crowdsourced meaning that their 30,000 members add, edit, and police all the deals to ensure the accuracy and completeness of every deal posted.


It is almost like a social media site for couponing. It is a community of like-minded people helping each other out. You can follow other people and comment under deals posted by other users. Deals that are seen and used by a lot of users become “hot” and if your deal goes hot you get 200 points!


We have all been there, checking out of a store online and you see the promo code box empty. You scramble to find a deal only to see that it is expired. Dealspotr codes have a higher accuracy than most other coupon sites making finding deals super easy and quick. They get rid of old, expired coupons fast and put up new ones even quicker.


As shown below, Dealspotr had the most coupons and most accurate coupons out of RetailMeNot,, and Groupon.

How to use Dealspotr to save money


Users of the website have an incentive to post coupons and invalidate old ones because of the opportunity to earn points by doing these things. Earning points then leads to cash-back!


Ways to earn cash-back and gift cards

When you become a member of the Dealspotr community you can earn points by doing various things on the website like posting deals, referring new members to the site, commenting on other people’s deals, invalidating deals that do not work, and completing your daily checklist.

dealspotr daily checklist

Once you reach 10,000 points you are able to redeem a $10 Amazon gift card! So basically you are getting money for saving money with this website.

You can earn 5,000 points right now when you join!! 

If you join, you will get an EXTRA 5,000 POINTS when you sign up! Just head over to Dealspotr or any of the links within this post! Or if you go on their general website, just enter the code SLICKHOUSEWIVES during registration to earn this bonus! With 5,000 extra points, you are already HALFWAY to earning a $10 Amazon gift card! WOOHOO!


Personalized for you!

When you log onto to Dealspotr you have a personalized feed just for you. When you make your account with dealspotr you are asked what deals you are interested in seeing. The initial list is: Electronics & Tech, Fashion, Restaurants & Eating Out, Fitness & Sports, Home, Grocery & Drugstore, Gifts & Gift Ideas, Beauty & Wellness, Travel, Babies & Kids, and services.



Once you start picking what you are interested in, subcategories are made available to personalize your feed even more.

Dealspotr Deals


The site then asks you what brands and stores you like to shop from. This makes finding deals that actually pertain to you easier than ever before.

Dealspotr is a great website for people who love savings. It’s the best website to save time and money! The community is great and the deals are even better. The ability to make money using a coupon site seems almost to good to be true, but it is not! It’s just Dealspotr!

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