Getting a Health Assessment before starting a Fitness Program with Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville

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After reaching the age of “gulp” 40, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not getting any younger and that as time goes on, it will only become harder to commit to a change in lifestyle. I’ve found myself gaining weight and am ready to make changes to get on track with a healthier me.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop

I recognize that with getting older comes the chance for more health issues. While I know I’m mentally ready to start an exercise regimen and make changes, I wanted to see a professional and get the go ahead that I’m physically healthy enough to do so. Many people just jump right into an exercise program and quickly become discouraged or injured because they were indeed not physically healthy enough for the program they chose.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop

I decided to have my overall health evaluated this week so that I could choose a program that is right for me and get started. Here in Kentucky, our local Walgreens has a Healthcare Clinic. I decided to schedule an appointment with their Healthcare Professions to see what they had to say regarding my health and to get the go ahead I need to start exercising.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop

While scheduling an appointment at a doctor’s office can mean a week or two wait sometimes and finding a physician who is accepting new patients can be difficult, the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville had openings available within a short time and were happy to have me! Making the appointment was quick and painless. It took just a few moments to visit the website and schedule my visit. You can also save yourself time by downloading the forms from the website and filling them out prior to your visit.
Even though it was only recommended that I arrive 10 minutes early, I found myself at the clinic, which was very nice and clean, nearly 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment time. I was expecting to wait at least that 30 minutes, if not longer, based on nearly every experience I’ve had in a traditional doctor’s office. I was really surprised and thrilled when they were able to see me right away. This was encouraging for future visits where I may find myself a “walk-in” patient rather than scheduling ahead.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop

I was happy to be greeted by a very nice, very professional healthcare provider. I explained to her that I was there for an overall Health Screening. I was checked for: diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI weight and a few other things.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop


You can see from the website that there are many services available at the clinic.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Louisville #shop

During my evaluation, the provider determined that overall my health was good with the exception of high blood pressure. She must have sensed the panic from the look on my face as she quickly assured me that it was likely from “white coat syndrome” and instructed me to take my blood pressure at home for a few days to see if it stayed high. If it did, she recommended that I see my PCM. After checking myself that night at home and again the following days, it was determined that I did not have high blood pressure and I was healthy enough to begin exercising!

Okay, so that was EASY…can getting started on this exercise regimen be that easy too? Please?


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  1. No wait time?! That's amazing! I had to wait 30 minutes last time I visited the doctor's office...for bloodwork only. I'll definitely be checking out a Healthcare Clinic in the future! #client

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