Frugal Shopping on Facebook

Frugal Shopping on FacebookFrugal Shopping on Facebook

Well, I’ve showed you how you can save money using coupons, shopping in the off-season, using on-line promo codes, using services like Ebates and how making lists can save you a ton of money. Did you know you can also be frugal by shopping on everyone’s favorite place? Facebook!! I’ve discovered a niche of local deal groups. It’s like being at a virtual yard sale. Need a new coat? If you can’t find one posted in the group, just ask, I bet somebody has one they are willing to sell you.

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I’ve found four deal groups that are close enough to me that I will travel there, others might go farther. To find these groups, just go up to your Facebook search bar (shown above) and start typing in keywords like: buy, for sale, or you could start by typing in the name of a city around you. For example, I typed in the word buy, and three groups in my area popped up. You can find more by typing in different keywords.

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This is also an excellent way to make a little extra cash. I had a Step Two kitchen that had been sitting
in my basement for about three years. I decided to list it for sale in one of the local groups. I posted the picture, the price ($20) and the condition. It sold in 3 minutes!!! I’m not exaggerating either. 🙂 We met at a public place, my local Walmart, and made our exchange.

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Of course, even though this is a local transaction, don’t get too comfortable. You still need to look out for your safety. If you go to meet someone and there are more people in the car than you thought there would be or if you get any kind of a hinky feeling, don’t get out of your car. Safety always comes first. If something like this ever did happen just e-mail the group admin the details so you don’t get kicked out of the group, he/she will understand. :-)Most of these groups have posted rules they want you to follow. It keeps the group organized and the sales flowing. If you can’t find one of these groups in your area, start one!! Share it with all of your friends, I think you would be amazed at how fast it will catch on. If you have any “frugal shopping” tips for us feel free to share by leaving a comment.

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