Dove Men: 300 Military Families Reunite this Father’s Day + Giveaway #MissionCare #ad

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With Father ‘s day coming up this weekend, I am one of the many ladies that is racking her brain trying to think of the perfect last minute gift for my husband.  I thought about all of the great things that he does for the kids and I trying to decide what gift would tell him what he means to us. While going through the memories over the years of Father’s Days past, I can’t help but think about the times he deployed in support of some Army operation and missed Father’s Day.

There was one year he was gone that had a particularly meaningful homecoming that outlined how tough these years away from the family can be and what a Father means to his children. In 2004, my husband was coming back from Iraq after for R&R leave. We decided to leave his homecoming as a surprise to my two girls who were 4 years old and 20 months, respectively.  I drove to the airport to pick him up not knowing what the girls’ reactions would be. When I arrived, he was standing outside the terminal in his desert uniform with his duffel bag. The girls did not notice him at first. When I stopped, he walked up to the sliding door in the back of the minivan and opened it.  At that, my oldest yelled, “DADDY!” and leapt out of the van into his arms. They hugged and kissed for what seemed like a few minutes. Then he walked around the van to greet my younger daughter who was only 8 months old when he left. She looked at him very sternly and would not let him hug or kiss her.  She would not say a word. He was very sad about this but realized that maybe she just needed some time.

He packed his bag into the back of the van and we headed home. On the way home my oldest daughter would not let go of her daddy’s hand, but my younger daughter just looked at him with suspect. She was not sure who he was.  About halfway home, my youngest finally started smiling and said in low voice, “Daddy?” My husband’s face lit up as he reached back to hold her hand too. The three of them would not let go the whole way home. After thinking about this, I realized that no gift will ever show him how much he means to us…we already have. In those instants when the kids and I grab onto him as if he could slip away at any moment, we have already shown him what he means to us.  So I guess I could say that I am still shopping, but now have less pressure knowing that we have already given him Father’s Day over and over again.  Time to go ugly tie shopping…

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This Father’s Day, Dove Men + Care and OPERATION HOMEFRONT are teaming together to bring home 300 service men and women to spend quality time with their families. You can help this effort by purchasing any Dove Men + Care products including deodorants, face and body washes, and hair care products.  These are perfect for care packages for Dad’s.
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Have you seen this touching reunion video??

This heartfelt film features the serviceman, named John, his wife and children, after being apart for almost one year. This family’s experience represents one story of hundreds that will take place across the country in time for this Father’s Day weekend, thanks to the “Mission: Care” campaign!!!

Make sure to grab a tissue!!!


YOU Can Say Thanks, Too!

We love that Dove is thanking those who serve, and you can say thanks, too! Visit Dove Mission: Care and send a message of thanks to military dads.

Giveaway: Win a Dove Men+Care Prize Pack for Dad!


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