CYBER MONDAY: Reason”s to “LIKE” & Follow Us on Facebook!!!

Did you know that Slick Housewives is on Facebook? In fact, Facebook is the top referrer to the website and we just happen to think it’s the place to be. Here are our top 5 reasons to “like” Slick Housewives on Facebook:

1. Get the deals! Sometimes we find deals that are time sensitive and we want you to immediately see it OR the deal will appeal to a small group of people. Instead of ignoring the deal altogether, we post it on Facebook. This is especially true for facebook deals and online deals that are going “viral” quickly. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR TOMORROW {CYBER MONDAY!!}

2. Get your questions answered! If you have a question, Facebook is the best place to get an answer. It’s so easy to have a quick conversation on Facebook (much quicker than by email) and if I am not on the internet at the time, other “likers” will jump in and help you out.

3. Get in on the interesting discussions! We are always asking questions over on Facebook — what are you having for dinner? Favorite t.v. shows?  What’s the best price on diapers? Why didn’t the lady at Rite Aid take my coupon?  Everyone here combined is a wealth of information!

4. Get more free stuff! The more “likers” we have, the more giveaways we do! . Your “like” will get us to the next level, which means more free stuff!

Head over HERE if you haven’t already to “like” us!

If you already “like” us and think your FaceBook friends should do the same, we have installed a new feature on our Facebook page. Just click the “Suggest SlickHousewives” tab on the left of our Facebook page, and you can share our page with your friends! You can also share any of our posts with your Facebook friends by clicking the  toolbar at the bottom page that say’s “Share”.

Thanks for spreading the love!

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