Christmas Table Ideas and Decorations

Christmas Table Ideas and Decorations

Christmas Table Ideas and Decorations on a Budget!

Christmas is the perfect excuse to shop and decorate your house in a whole new theme. I don’t know about you but I get tired of all the same traditional décor at Christmas, and want to try something a little bit different… PLUS Gold is a really hot Christmas color. If you’re tired of the traditional greens and reds, I have a new color scheme for you to try this year: Black, Gold & Teal!

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-7

Supplies for your Chic Christmas Table Ideas and Decorations on a Budget:

**Please note that I have linked resources below where you can find most of these items. If you cannot find the exact item, just try to find something similar in the color scheme!

  • 6 Gold Chargers
  • 6 White Plates with Black & White Stripes and Gold Trim
  • 6 sets of Silverware
  • 6 Creme Napkins with Gold Trim
  • 6 Wine Glasses with Gold Trim
  • Gold & Teal Wrapping Paper
  • Optional: Coffee/Tea Serving Set
  • Gold Mugs
  • Matching Tea/Coffee Set
  • Gold Pitcher
  • Matching Cupcake Holder
  • *the Cupcake Holder, Tea Set and Plates were all purchased at Hobby Lobby

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-11


  1. Roll out your gold and teal wrapping paper. Such a creative way to use a table runner!
  2. Next set the table for six places (or the desired amount for your party). Start with placing the Gold Chargers at each table setting.
  3. Place a napkin at each place. Followed by the silverware.
  4. Set your White, Black & White Stripes with Gold Trim plates on top of the Gold Chargers. If you don’t have this exact set, you can basic white plates and use black salad plates.
  5. Place Your Wine Glasses on the left side of each table setting.
  6. Work on your centerpiece: I used two large vases with gold trim at the bottom. These were purchased at Home Goods. If you don’t have or can’t find this exact set, you can use clear vases. Fill with white flowers. I picked up some fake Lakespur White Flowers from Hobby Lobby. I love the way they cascade over the vases.
  7. On each side of the vase, I added clear candle holders with a black and white bottom. (From Ikea) I placed a Vanilla candle in one and a gold/brown candle in the other vase. I also added a small gold/brown vase in the middle.

***Adding the tea/coffee set at the end is always easier on the hostess!

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-7

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-3

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape


  • Gold Pitcher & All Tea/Coffee Serving Set (Amazon or Home Goods)

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-9

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-12

If you are planning a Holiday Party, try to prepare everything in advance. You don’t want to be running back and forth from the kitchen yelling for random help. Never, never overdo it. Keep the music at low volume, and turn off your mobile phone so you are not tempted to check email or facebook.

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-6

Black, Gold and Teal Christmas Tablescape-10

Christmas Table Ideas on a Budget

Christmas is such a beautiful Holiday and many prepare for months so that when the time comes everything is perfect. Just don’t get carried away. Your focus is to make the ones you love most feel comfortable and cozy!

What are your favorite holiday entertaining tips?

Christmas Tablescape Ideas on a Budget

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