Summer Grilling Tips #Applegate

summer grilling tips

As a child, I remember walking outside on summer nights just to take a deep breath and inhale
the smells of summer. One of my favorite scents was that of food being grilled. Someone
was always barbecuing almost every night and the neighborhood would always be filled with
delicious aromas of food. Of course, the best nights were those evenings when the scents were
coming from my own back yard!

Even today, the smells of grilling bring back some mouth-watering memories. I remember
eating all kinds of wonderful foods. I asked my friends about what some of their favorite healthy
summertime grilled foods are, and I thought I’d share a few of the top choices:

Summer Grilling Tips

Vegetables are always a hit! You can throw almost any kind of vegetable combination together
in an aluminum foil “boat,” brush them with olive oil, and sprinkle sea salt and pepper on them,
and voila – a tasty treat! Or some people prefer just one type of vegetable, such as asparagus
or carrots, or potato wedges (which, I know, potatoes are technically not a vegetable, but close
enough for this example). A favorite at my house was always corn on the cob! You can grill
the cobs with or without the husks still attached, according to your preference. (Be sure to wrap
them in aluminum foil if you remove the husks first. We always liked to add olive oil, garlic,
and pepper inside the foil to add to the flavor.) Or you can combine your vegetables (with or
without a meat of your choice) into kebabs, which are always fun!

Another friend recommends chicken breasts brined in apple juice first. I have never tried
that one, but he swears by it. The apple juice gives the chicken just the right amount of tang!
Or lemon juice on grilled salmon is a favorite of another friend. In fact, you could probably
combine several different fruit juices with the meat/poultry/fish of your choice to come up with
combinations that you and your family will love!

For most children (and even many adults), an all-time favorite has always been the classic hot
dog! They’re a timeless reminder of baseball days and outside summer fun! Whether you like
your hot dogs just lightly browned, or well-done and almost crispy on the outside, they are a
favorite at many barbecues!

Summer Grilling Tips

Summer Grilling Tips

Unfortunately, throughout history, hot dogs have consistently maintained a reputation for being
made of some unsavory “leftover” ingredients, the knowledge of which, once learned, tends
to turn many people away from this childhood favorite. However, nowadays, there are many
healthier varieties of the classic hot dog, so even those of us who once swore never to eat another
hot dog might have to reconsider. One of those options is Applegate’s antibiotic and nitrate-free
hot dogs. Applegate believes in giving their animals fresh air, space, and a healthy vegetarian
diet, all of which keeps them healthy, thus negating the need to give their animals antibiotics
to try to keep them healthy in not-so-favorable living conditions. Applegate’s animals are never
given hormones or artificial growth product (as is common in many factory farms), instead
letting their animals grow the old-fashioned way, which is naturally. Applegate’s products never
contain artificial nitrates or nitrites; they contain all natural and organic ingredients. In fact,
if you are unfamiliar with any ingredient listed in an Applegate product, then you can e-mail
Applegate, and they will tell you what it is.

Summer Grilling Tips

Summer Grilling Tips

Applegate products are now widely available in the Atlanta, Georgia area, as well as locations
around the country. If you are unsure where to look for Applegate products, then you can visit
their Facebook page and click on “Product Locator.”

To help get you thinking about Summer Grilling, I’ve created a Pinterest board just for Summer Grilling. Check it out for recipes, tips, ideas, and more!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to find the closest Applegate retailer, as I am sensing a
barbecue weekend coming up!

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