Where to find Coupons?

The first thing you should start doing is collecting your coupons. You should be focused on this for about a month. Even though you don’t have a good stockpile of coupons you can still do deals.  Below  is a summary of the many resources you can use to build your stockpile of coupons.

Newspaper Inserts

One of the most well known resources for coupons are the inserts you can find in your Newspaper. These inserts include hundreds of coupons. Many people ask how many newspapers they should buy. I tend to think you should buy 1 newspaper for every family member. There are 5 of us so I should be buying about 5 papers. You adjust this to what works for you 🙂

3 Primary Newspaper Inserts

1. Smartsource -You will see us refer to these as “SS” in the deal matchups.

2. Redplum- You will see us refer to these as “RP” in the deal matchups.

3. Procter & Gamble- You will see us refer to these as “PG” or “P&G” in the deal matchups.

Sometimes there are other inserts included in the paper like:
Kellogs “K”, General Mills “GM” and Betty Crocker “BC”

If you do not have a subscription to the Newspaper yet, you’ll want to get one. It will be well worth it! Most major metropolitan newspapers include coupon inserts. I suggest subscribing to the paper of the largest city in your area. Sometimes local papers contain coupons, but they are often have much less than the large city papers.(this happens to be the case with me!)

Internet Printables

This is one of my favorite ways to build up my stockpile! There are various websites that will allow you to print coupons right from your computer:




Betty Crocker

Box Tops 4 Education


Eat Better America

Mambo Sprouts


Here’s a couple tips

Most Internet Printables have a print limit of two coupons per computer. After printing your first coupon just hit the back button on your browser to print another coupon. You might need to click refresh after clicking back.

When I first started couponing I would go to some of these sites and print every coupon I could find! Please don’t do this!  Now sometimes I do print coupons for stuff that I will donate or because I know that I can make money buying the item!

Coupon Printing Software

 Most Internet Printing websites will require you to download their coupon printing software. If you are on a legit coupon printing website (all of those listed above) it will not harm your computer. There are thousands of people all over the country who use these websites to print coupons.

Store Coupons

Store Coupons are great because they can be combined with manufacturer coupons (at most stores) to make for some awesome deals! Store Coupons will state the store name at the top of the coupon instead of Manufacturer coupon, so for example Publix store coupons say “Publix Coupon” at the top.Look out for these coupons in the following places:

  •  Newspaper Inserts
  • Store Ads
  • In stores
  •  Home Mailers
  • Online


eCoupons are great because they can be stacked on top of Store coupons and sometimes manufacturer coupons!  You just load them right on to your store savings card saving you ink and  time! When you check out at the store the coupons are automatically deducted from your total!  Here are some resources for eCoupons:

    • Kroger e-coupons
    •  Shortcuts
    •  Cellfire
  • P&G eSaver