How Should I Organize My Coupons?

Accordion Method

This is the method I use and would recommend! I really hate cutting coupons and feel like this system works the best for me. All I do when I get my newspaper insert is write the date on the front and file it by date. It is that simple! No clipping, no sorting, no nothing! When I need to find a particular coupon all I need to do is search for the insert type(ie:SS 9/25) pull it and cut out the coupon I need.

Here are some examples:

After I figure out which coupons I will be using I  put them into my small coupon holder which is organized by store. I also keep Free item coupons in here, my register rewards,ecb’s,Ups Rewards and Gift Cards. I bring this little organizer everywhere with me and it fits in my purse! They are fairly cheap and easy to find at Walmart.

Similiar to this:


Coupon Binder

This method is too time consuming for me but works well for others! For this method you will need a sturdy binder and the plastic sheets that are intended to hold baseball cards. Coupons are trimmed and placed in these sheets to give users a terrific coupon filing system. You can separate your binder by department (canned good, dairy, frozen, household etc.)

Here is an example: