Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete

Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete

Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete

Don’t you love it when you empty the dishwasher and there is still film left on the dishes after a thorough cleaning cycle in your dishwasher?

Whenever the girls empty the dishwasher, they don’t pay attention to whether or not the dishes are clean. I hate pulling a glass or plate out of the cupboard and it being covered in spots, film or even food on it. It makes me sick!!

I had a chance to try out the new Cascade Complete Pacs and am thrilled with the results I got!  We have extremely hard water here in Kentucky, so dishes don’t always come out looking clean when using another brand. If you have hard water there are choices for you to have clean, sparkling dishes, too!

Cascade Complete

Cascade Complete Pacs are specially formulated so that hard water is not a problem.  I’m one of those people who likes to rinse their dishes clean before I put them into the dishwasher, just because I hate stuck on food after you run them through a wash cycle.  With Cascade Complete Pacs you don’t need to rinse your dishes first, seriously!!! I love the convenience of the Pacs and of course the fact that they actually work! No more spotty glasses, dried on food or running the dishwasher a second time just to get the dishes clean!

Here’s some great facts about Cascade:

  • Cascade automatic dishwashing detergent entered the market in 1953
  • At that time only 4% of households had dishwashers
  • Today, 60% of households have dishwashers {unbelievable to me!}
  • Cascade now offers dishwashing powders, gels, pacs, and additives to keep your dishes clean!

So what are you waiting for??? Get sparkling clean in 2013, and set the table with virtually spot-free glasses and dishes at every meal. Cascade Complete Pacs provide an immaculate clean without wasting precious time and water pre-rinsing 24-hour stuck-on food messes. Over time, Cascade Complete Pacs fight hard water film two-times better, wash after wash, than the next leading premium pac. If you are even half as busy as our family, you’ll thank me that I introduced you to Cascade Complete.

Are you ready to be Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete??

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