Reminder for those who synced their AmEx Card to Amazon! You can buy a Gift Card!

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Remember the awesome AmEx promotion with Amazon earlier in the week??? The one when you synced your AmEx card and spent $75 in one purchase, you would earn a $25 statement credit??!!!

Unfortunately that offer is no longer live, but if you synced your card when I first posted about it, I have good news for those of you who haven’t used the promotion since.

Instead of waiting for a big purchase need at Amazon, you can just quickly buy a $75 Amazon gift card – for yourself or for someone else – and that gift card purchase will also trigger the $25 credit!

I just tested this out after several readers mentioned it to me, and this morning I got my $25 statement credit. So, I can personally verify that this worked for me!

Amazon emails you the gift card within 15 minutes, and then you just apply the code to your Amazon account and have $75 to spend whenever — and however — you want. You don’t have to spend that gift card balance all in one purchase, so this actually give you more freedom to save how you want.

Even better, the AmEx Sync offer expires at the end of the month, but your gift card balance never expires!

Purchase your $75 Amazon gift card HERE.


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