PeeKeeper Review: Coupon Code

PeeKeeper Review Coupon Code

PeeKeeper Review: Coupon Code

I had the opportunity to review a PeeKeeper!! You are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about?? Well here is a brief description and how the PeeKeeper came about.

What is the PeeKeeper?

The PeeKeeper™ is an escape-proof dog diaper ideal for incontinent dogs, male dog marking and female dogs in heat. Standard sizes fit dogs between 5 and 25 pounds, and larger sizes are available as custom orders. The founder Lisa was inspired to create the PeeKeeper when she adopted a shelter dog that had submissive urination issues. She tried everything and her dog Dash was able to wriggle out of it or her other dogs pulled it off when they were playing. So, she created the PeeKeeper. When she realized how many other people had problems with their dogs peeing in the house, she started the company and began selling the PeeKeeper.
Peekeeper coupon code
The PeeKeeper is available in denim and several colors of cotton flannel, including their recently-released winter snowflake pattern. Depending on how much your dog pees, you simply insert a mini or maxipad or adult incontinence pad inside the PeeKeeper and toss it when it gets wet! Another great thing is that the PeeKeeper is made in the U.S.A!!

Why does your pet need the PeeKeeper?

There are many reasons a dog might be incontinent. Some dogs are never completely housebroken. There are behavioral issues, such as submissive or excitable urination, and physical reasons, such as old age or illness. Male dog marking is believed to be a territorial behavior. Or perhaps you’d like to be able to take your dog with you without having to worry about the possibility of an “accident” in public. Whatever the reason, a PeeKeeper can help protect your floors and furniture and make your time with your dog more enjoyable.

Why I love this Company!

Because the PeeKeeper dog diaper was inspired by a shelter dog, the company is involved with several charitable efforts to feed and support homeless and rescue dogs. In addition, each month they donate several PeeKeeper dog diapers to rescue organizations to use at fundraisers.
Wow! What a great company!! We were excited trying the PeeKeeper because we recently brought home a Chiweenie (princess) from the Chihuahua Rescue Shelter. She is a really smart puppy, yet still has issues with peeing in the house. The first thing I had to do was measure her according to their website. This was really easy and took about 2 minutes! Next I went online and ordered her PeeKeeper in Hot Pink . 🙂

Did our dog like the PeeKeeper?

When we received the PeeKeeper, we put in on Princess, and she immediately tried to remove it. She never was able to get it off! (Ha Ha, finally). After awhile she got use to it and left it alone. It was great because I didn’t have to run around the house and worry if she was having an accident or not. Whenever I would take her outside, I just took it off and she would would use the potty. For some reason, she never had an accident when the PeeKeeper was on.
PeeKeeper Review: Coupon Code
I give the PeeKeeper a two thumbs up because  it stopped Princess from having any accidents in the house! My hardwoods will not be ruined now! I can take her to my mom’s house without worrying if she is going to have an accident which is awesome! Less stress and frustration for me.
Thank you PeeKeeper!

PeeKeeper Review Coupon Code

PeeKeeper Review Coupon Code

PeeKeeper has also been so kind to offer SlickHousewife Readers a 10% off code to use in their online store. All you have to do is head over to PeeKeeper and go to their “How to Order” page<<<<—-
After that head to their online store and place your order. Copy this code—>>>>BB2B10 to get 10% off your order! If you have issues with you dog or puppy having accidents, I highly recommend you give this a try!
PeeKeeper Review: Coupon Code
I was provided a free product in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This post is based on my honest opinions and experiences.
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  1. Clayetta Montee says
    I have ordered 3 of these Peekeepers. I run a dog shelter at my home and the male dogs are into marking. My own dogs were housetrained until I started the rescue work and took in male dogs who were not neutered until a week or two later - and now even my dogs are hard to control urination wise. So - instead of the belly bands I have been using for 4 years, I am going to give the Peekeeper a try. I have found the belly bands work well on dogs with straight level backs, but if you dog has a sloping back as chihuahuas do, the belly band slips down over the tail and off the dog - so I am hopoing this will solve the problem.
  2. Clayetta Montee says
    I received the first of 3 peekeepers today - and I have to tell you - I cannot get it to fit no matter how many adjustments I make - it either covers the dog's anus or chokes him around the neck or the suspenders slide down over his legs hindering his walking. I tried it on a fatter dog, same back length and it fits differently, but no better. I can't tell if the pad fits in lengthwise or sideways - so I tried both. Male dogs not thrilled with the pad going up between their legs to their anus. I am not sure the company sent me the correct one - perhaps they sent one for a female instead of a male??? But at this point, I am very disappointed with the fit when the dog was perfectly in their measurement.
    • Hmm, I am surprised to hear of your issues. I've successfully used the peekeeper on my boston terrier mix who wants to mark in thehouse. Have had no issues with the fit - it looks just like the photograph of the stuffed dog on the website. Not sure if the measurements were correct and you have the right size.
      • Clayetta Montee says
        I tried talking to the company about these - the size, the problems I was having, did I get the one for the male or the female? They did not answer any of my questions, nor did they offer any advice. Didn't seem to want to help much. I was grateful they offered a refund minus the restocking fee since I could not get any help from the company and it was over $100 for the 3 Peekeepers. They refunded promptly upon receipt of the returned merchandise. I'm back to using the belly bands.
        • Hello Clayetta,Sorry for the delay in responding to this comment. But we did look back at our correspondence with you and we did answer your questions about the difference between the male and female PeeKeepers. However, you didn't mention to us that your dog was being either choked by the neck straps or that it was up against his anus. The straps were over your dogs legs because it was too short. This PeeKeeper was definietly not the correct size. If the waist fit you should have ordered a longer length the size small comes in 5 lengths and you ordered the shortest length. The medium comes in 5 lengths and you ordered this one in the shortest length also. You probably just need the longer PeeKeepers in both sizes. If you would like to try them again please contact us so we can explain to you how to measure your dog more accurately and what size you should order.
      well i have 12 foster/unadoptable fosters - smallish - they are all sizes. The peekeeper keeps my home sanitary. I have dogs with kidney issues, liver issues, thyroid issues - all producing tons of urine. Some dogs need the peekeepers with slight adjustments. If the butt is blocked I get the scissors and needle and thread and redesign into a crescent by the butt. If the straps want to slide off the shoulders I use elastic ribbon(walmart $2 / set) on the back straps to give it more of a secure neck fit (no choking necessary). If the diaper fits but pup has loose poop you'll want to take a stitch on the belly piece to create a snugger beneath the butt fit to keep the diaper from catching 'anything gross'. Because of the straps being adjustable it works on all my gang(from a 5lb 16 yo yorki - thru a 25 lb 11 yo lhasa/shihtzu cross). Also I use a dog tiny slicker brush to keep the Velcro clean . As I don't have enough peekeekers yet to put in a laundry load I wash in a 'laundry bowl' in the sink with 'odor free' liquid (anti bacterial, anti viral etc $9/gallon at home depot)) and a teaspoon of baby detergent. I then drape all the cleaned peekeepers over a large box fan ($15 at walmart) - they are completely dry within 30 minutes. The crescent butt trim works on all the pups, although only necessary with digestive issues. All dogs walk weird when first introduced to any diaper
    I am really looking forward to the peekeeper, i have two males, one fixed, one not and one female, the males mark my house up horribly, i finally decided to get belly band, i was disappointed, i was really looking forward to it working, the thing about it is the dogs can slip right out of it and the way my beagle is shaped it doesnt stay over his penis, it almost fits my jack russell, but he to can wriggle out of it, i am gong to visit at my daughters house and need to bring my beagle and she has a male also, sooo, i am hoping it works. I'll let everyone know
    • Clayetta Montee says
      Melissa, I'm anxious to hear how it did or didn't work for you. I am back to using 4" wide belly bands - belly band works great on my shih tzu, but not on my chihuahua and mini manchester terrier, as like your dog, his back is shaped so it slips down and off his tail. I have to put t-shirts/tank tops dog clothes on my dogs and pin with a safety pin the belly band to the t-shirt to keep the band on the chihuahua and terrier. That's why I tried the Peekeeper.
  4. I have Jack Russell terriers, I've ordered 4 already, and am about to order 3 more. I am happy in general with this product. However, there are huge inconsistencies in the fit. I've ordered the same sizes, they all fit differently. Also, you'd think that one of the coupons online would work.... Doesn't! Almost $200.00 later, can you get a discount on these anywhere? Very expensive!
    • Hello Devona, I wish you would have contacted our company if the sizes didn't seem consistent. We looked up your past orders and found you have ordered different sizes everytime. Your first order in November 2012 was for a Medium 15", Second in December 2012 order x-small 12",small 15" and medium 16", your last order March 2013 was for 3 medium 18" PeeKeepers. This is why the sizes have not been consistent you have ordered different sizes. Sorry that you didn't realize this. We do put cards in each package that have the sizes circled and it does say to hold on to them for future reference. But we all know how that goes and the cards get lost. As we make our way through our inventory the newer PeeKeepers have size tags in them now. Thank you for being a loyal customer. Have A Wag of a Day!
  5. Lisa Stiltner says
    Tired your coupon code today it was invalid. Ordered product anyway hope it is as good as your review states.
  6. My dogs are 12 1/2 length and the same width. What size should I order. They are both male yorkies.
    I'm ordering more peekeepers tonight. I have 3 yorkies males (5 lbs, 6lbs, 9lbs); 2 pekes females (15 pounds) 1 lhasa/shih 24 lbs male; 1 rat terrier male 20 lbs; 2 foster dogs 1 female 1 male - all shapes, and sizes and I have peekeepers all sizes; all pups wear peekeepers in the house!! they have saved my home, my floors, my rugs! Foster dogs - all ages - get used to the peekeepers pretty quick. My older dogs need pad changing 3x a day; younger dogs maybe 1 change a day. Peekeepers can be removed most quickly. Changing pads involves only opening 2 velcro closures by the waist. Very fast. Yes I have 8 dogs of my own (mostly unadoptables given up because they would pee in their old age too often) Over the past 40-50 years of dog ownership I have tried many diapers - these are THE BEST! THE MOST CONVENIENT FOR CHANGING, THE BEST FOR OLD DOGS, THE BEST FOR DOGS WITH STITCHES ACROSS THEIR TUMMIES, BEST FOR ANY ARTHRITIS IN THE SPINE (NOT SPINAL PRESSURE ARE WITH MOST DIAPERS)
    • That's great to hear Dorothy!
      • DOROTHY HEATER says
        i keep thinking I have enough dogs, my rescue group won't give me any more - well last month they gave me 10 yo Pierre(toy grey poodle) to foster - from kentucky; and yesterday 2 year old Popcorn from kentucky(silky terrier). Popcorn is a boy, he's now in the pink medium you sent maybe 3 orders back. He actually fits nicely in the medium 14. I'll be sending another order shortly - life is sooooo easy with the peekeepers.
        • You are so awesome for taking in these rescue dogs! You have a big heart! <3 Thanks for keeping me updated and I hope I can find a way to help you soon!
  8. Lynda Theiler says
    Great diaper holders. The only one that stays on! I need several for my aging dog . I wish they weren't this expensive.
  9. I have been using this product for years on my dogs and rescue dogs as well.Dont want to be wipthout them.Would love a coupon or discount though.

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