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Everyone loves dogs, especially me! Have you met Xena? Well if you love dogs as much as me then check out her story!
Have you heard about the K-9s that help detect drugs to help keeps drugs off the street and apprehend the bad guys on the run. Sometimes it is expensive and some don’t have the funds to purchase the equipment needed to train these K-9’s.
We are asking everyone to help us help them. For less than a starbucks cup of coffee, we can help give this pup the tools that are needed to help her to become a certified K-9.
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Xena will be trained and used to help in narcotics, apprehension as well as demo’s at schools to show the community the importance of K-9’s!
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All of the donations that come to the unit go directly towards their goals – training, equipment, deployments, outreach and education.

K-9’s are very important part of helping keep everyone safe. I am challenging all my friends to donate $5 to this cause. So help me help them by donating $5 so this pup can get the training she needs to protect and serve!
 Head over to Go Fund Me to help Xena get the equipment she needs for training!
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