Join Coffee-Mate Brew Crew to get Samples,coupons, Gift Cards & More!

If you are a Coffee-Mate fan, then you’ll definitely want to consider joining the Coffee-Mate Brew Crew. The Coffee-Mate Brew Crew is a group of influential adults who use Coffee-Mate to enhance and personalize their coffee experience. They get to participate in fun online activities, get info on new Coffee-Mate flavors and products, and share Coffee-Mate with family, friends, and co-workers.

What do members of the Coffee-Mate Brew Crew do?

* Help spread the word about Coffee-Mate by hosting creative sampling events and completing other online and offline activities to support Coffee-Mate marketing initiatives.
* Tell Nestle what they think about the Coffee-Mate brand and its marketing programs
* Interact with a community of adults who share an appreciation for the many flavors and velvety taste of Coffee-Mate

Are you interested in participating?

Head over HERE and complete a survey to see if you qualify. If accepted to be a brew member, you’ll tell Coffee-Mate your idea for a sampling activity that will help spread the word about Coffee-Mate through free samples. If approved, you will receive samples of Coffee-Mate and coupons to share with others. At the activity, you’ll serve Coffee-Mate to your friends and acquaintances and then give $1 off coupons to interested attendees. Plus, after you submit a recap of your sampling activity, you’ll also receive up to 1,000 points which you can use to order gift cards and other rewards from the online store!

Head over HERE to join now!


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