How Does My Credit Score Affect Me Getting A Job?

Did you realize that when you are looking for a job and filling out applications many corporate positions now require not only a background check but also a credit check?  In this day and age it has never been more important to take control of your finances and your credit score.  Not only does your credit score affect your ability to get a mortgage for a home, loan for a car or lower interest rates – but it can very easily prevent you from getting that higher paying job you are well qualified for.

It is my goal to educate people on how to improve their finances.  We focus a lot on coupons, living frugally and even reduce – reuse – recycle, but we also need to focus on what is important within your credit report.  By becoming aware of where your credit score currently is, you allow yourself the opportunity to improve upon that and thus further your chances of a more secure financial future.

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