How To Host a Stress Free Game Night

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Hosting Stress Free Game Night

I love this time of year! Since the sun doesn’t set as early in the summer, I enjoy staying outside as long as I can with family and friends. Recently my husband and I had dinner on the back patio and discussed how we should host a game night. Something that would be easy and stress free, because we all know how lazy summer days go.

Hosting Game Night

A game night party is the perfect way to entertain without a lot of hassle unless you are a certain friend of mine. She has been hosting a monthly game night for about 10 years. The average attendance is about 15-20 people and we have so much fun. I love attending her game night BUT I also really enjoy hosting a lower-key game night at home.

Hosting Game Night 2

What I don’t love is standing in the kitchen feeling like I’m constantly keeping tabs on the party. I like to plan ahead and pre-party prep so that I can spend as much quality time with my friends and family as possible.  I’ve put together 5 of my favorite tips to help your own game night be stress free and fun!

Easy Game Night Tips

How To Host a Stress Free Game Night

Send Out Invites

Keeping with the laid back feel of summer, save yourself some time and money and go with e-invites. It not only saves you time and money but helps the environment.


Pick the Games Ahead of Time

Planning ahead helps everyone get in the right mood. From board games to card games, pick the games ahead of time and let your guests get excited in advance. You can also choose to center your games around a fun theme. I like to keep it simple and just ask friends to join us for a night of laughs and fun.

Keep Dinner Simple  

When it comes to game nights, the food can be as complicated or simple as you allow it to be. While you are more than welcome to make the food yourself, consider picking up something at the local grocery store.

How to Have a Stress Free Game Night

I like shopping at my local Fry’s Food Store where they have Fresh Sushi  near the produce/deli section. If you have never tried their sushi, you are missing out! They have a nice big selection to choose from and also have big platters that you can order online.

Frys Sushi Bar

I bought the Caterpillar Roll, California Combo and the Spicy California Roll. While picking out the Sushi I learned that on Wednesday’s you can get specially marked sushi for only $5!

After that I headed over to grab a couple 1-liter smartwater in the drink aisle. I was excited to see that they also offered sparkling smartwater!

Head to checkout grab yourself a Diet Coke® and dinner prep is done.  Be sure to check out other ideas that pair nicely with Diet Coke drinks.


You can also save money! For a limited time, you can pick up an in-store coupon for $1 off when you buy both sushi and smartwater 1L or Diet Coke 20oz, while supplies last. How awesome is that?!

Provide Easy Entertainment

Don’t forget the music! I like to use a speaker that has bluetooth and set it up in a central area. Prior to the party, I will make playlists on my phone and play them throughout the party.

 Have fun! 

As a busy host, it’s easy to forget to have fun. Don’t try to do everything. If you have too much to do, ask for help. Also, don’t take winning and losing too seriously (even though I do!). Competition is fun but game night is also about spending time together.

Do you have any tips on How To Host a Stress Free Game Night?

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  1. These are wonderful tips. Games nights can be so much fun and stressful at the same time for the host. I can't wait to use these tips.
  2. This is such a great idea!! And I love that your friend hosts them regularly, that sounds like a blast! That sushi looks delicious, too! We'll have to do this soon!
  3. I miss game night; but it wasn't usualy the food that caused the stress. That came from the nuts playing the games!
  4. I haven't had, or been to, a game night in so long. I think I'm due for one soon. I love your tips about getting pre-prepared food like the sushi. I'll bet it makes things a lot easier
  5. Lots of picking snacks too, like chips, nuts etc! I love the sushi idea. It's fun, different, and yummy!
  6. When we have game night I always have everybody bring something. It helps to make it a stress free night!
  7. We LOVE games nights! My brother usually organizes them, but I'll remember your fab tips the next time I get a turn to host!! Louise x
  8. Great tips for those with kids.I'm in need of a fun game night like this our friends.
  9. One other tip is to let guests know what to expect at game night.
  10. We love having people over for game night! It is such a fun way to relax with family and friends!

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