FREE Kindle: Grow Your Own Groceries: Vegetable

Grow Your Own Groceries: Vegetable

Right now you can get the FREE Kindle Book: Grow Your Own Groceries: Vegetables. Imagine walking out to your backyard or sunny patio and picking your own Plump Juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce for a healthy salad. It just puts you at peace, knowing how it was grown and that it is fresh and healthy. I often plan the menu depending on what’s ready to harvest. Eating this way is so much easier than menu planning and grocery shopping all the time. There are so many reasons to grow your own foods organically and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do so. You can start as big or small as you like. Do you like BLTs with sweet tomatoes and crisp lettuce? Grow a tomato plant with some lettuce planted at its base. Who doesn’t love Spaghetti? You could even make your own Spaghetti sauce. Do you like fresh crisp Lettuce on your burger? Do you use Green Onions? Grow them both in a small pot on a sunny windowsill. This book covers everything you need to know to grow your own vegetables easily and inexpensively.

You don’t need to have a Kindle to read this free kindle book…. you can use your iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, or even your PC or Mac.

Number 1 Best Selling Book for International Cooking and for Herbs, Spices and Condiments! Want to learn how to make your own signature hot sauces that will blow your friends and family away? Well, this is the book for you. Simple, easy to follow recipes for whipping up your own hot sauces as well as a whole host of recipes for cooking with your new homemade sauces.

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