Dueling Piano’s: So much fun that I DID NOT EXPECT!!!

Dueling Piano'sHave you heard of Dueling Piano’s? Well I finally got to see what the hype was all about! First of all if you don’t know what Dueling Piano’s is, here is the definition:

“Dueling pianos (also known simply as “sing-along”) is a form of entertainment, usually on stage with two grand pianos, each played by a professional player who sings and entertains; humor and audience participation are prevalent. Usually these types of piano bars have substantial sound systems, and most of the songs performed are rock and roll, “classic rock”, Top 40, R&B, or country, played primarily by request. The modern format originated in late 1986 at Alley Cats in Dallas, TX, and was based on the old-style dueling pianos still found at Pat O’Brien’s Bar in New Orleans.” {Source: Wikepedia}

So my husband decided that it was date night for us and took us to a Dueling Piano Session! At first I was a little hesitant to giving him Props but halfway thru I couldn’t hide how happy I was and how much fun I was having!! Basically you decide what they play: From rock n roll, country, rap, heavy metal, 50s all the way to current. You decide! As long as they know the tune, they play it! Well, I decided to stump them and requested OMD-” I was only dreaming”…..Well they obviously didn’t know it, because they never played it! So YES!! I stumped the chump 🙂

Anyway….If you haven’t been to a Dueling Piano Show, then I encourage you to go!! It was a blast!! Young and old alike!!!

Here is a snippet of one of the songs we heard!!

MY ADVICE:  If you have a night out, check out if you town has the Dueling Piano’s Show! It is so much fun and amazing!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

***If you have been to one before, then let us know what you thought!!!

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