Do Visalus Shakes Really Work??

A lot people have been emailing and asking if these shakes really work! Well I here to say YES!!!  They really do work and my results are not even that great when compared to the people I’m doing the challenge with right now!

Here are the results:

Me: I’ve lost 13 Pounds & 7 Inches {Half-way to my goal weight!!}

Gary: Lost 10 pounds in 20 days!!!

Tracy: 7 pounds & 6 Inches in 2 weeks!!!!

Harley: 66 pounds in 66 days!!!

Patrick {my husband}: Now my husband is not trying to lose weight, but build muscle and have 14% Body Fat!

Lost 8 pounds of Body Fat & Gained 5 pounds lean muscle & lost 3.4% Overall Body Fat in 44 days!! {Half-Way to his goals!!}

Overall I am very happy with my results and LOVE the shakes that I drink!! I replace breakfast and lunch with the shakes and have light snack like almonds, vege’s, yogurt, and low fat cheese! Do I get hungry? No! Then I have a sensible dinner!! That’s It and it’s less than $2 a shake!!!

If you are ready to get started you can head on over here:



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