Silk Fruit & Protein Shake Up Your Wake Up

Do you hate breakfast? I know my kids and I do and I have found a way to change that!! If you are looking for a way to Shake Up Your Wake Up, then you have to check this out!! You need to Shake Up your Wake Up for the whole family with Silk Fruit & Protein. I hate giving my kids all those sugary cereals and this is something I feel good about giving them before school! Introduced to me by SocialMoms and Silk as part of a paid blogging … [Read more...]

Keurig Office Pro Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

I don't know about you, but the only way to start of my morning is with a great cup of coffee.  There are plenty of  coffee makers out there, and some of them are great, some of them...well, they're not so great. I was so lucky to review the Keurig Office Pro coffee maker along with my "Well that was easy" button from Staples. It was in box along with my delicious K-cups.  Unfortunately, my kids have found it and it gets pressed fairly … [Read more...]

Smelly Washer Review

Smelly Washer Review As a mom, I am constantly washing some very yucky, stinky things in my washing machine. From dirt, mud, food and accidents, there is always something going into the washing machine. You might not think about it but bacteria tends to build up in all those little holes in the washer and after time, your clothes may not come out as clean smelling as you expected. So one might ask, what's the solution? You might be thinking that … [Read more...]

Creative Bioscience 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Creative Bioscience 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Summer is right around the corner?? Are you ready to put on that swimsuit??  Have you been wanting to lose weight but are unsure of how to approach it head on? Well, I have a solution for you that you won't want to pass up!! … [Read more...]

Want Salon Hair at Home? #KrogerVS #spon

Salon Hair at Home I am always trying new things to and on my hair looking for the best new products. Usually I end up with salon shampoo, conditioner and products. I can never find those products that make my hair work well anywhere else until now!!!! How would you like to have Salon Hair at Home with a fraction of the price? I am picky about the hair products I use and because of this I have my own budget for "Hair Care"!! Yes, I’m frugal … [Read more...]

Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk

Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk After my second child I knew I had to upgrade my camera, so I invested in a Nikon D40. I really do enjoy taking photos of my kids, but probably need to take some photography classes. These tips from photographer, Erin Manning, are really helpful to get you started!  … [Read more...]

I Love Flip Flops: Havaianas

I Love Flip Flops: Havaianas Do you like flip flops? I'm definitely a flip flop kind of girl. I wear them everywhere! Have you heard of Havaianas flip flops?? These are probably the most comfortable flip flops I've ever worn.  They have lasted a lot longer than other flip flops I've owned.  Havaianas have stood for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy for 50 years. You get a blend of both comfort and style to create flip flops … [Read more...]

YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! GET THE SILLIES OUT! #yogabbagabba @LvillePalace

This past weekend, I took my kids to see YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! GET THE SILLIES OUT! show at the Louisville Palace in Louisville. The Louisville Palace is so beautiful and much more than I expected! About Yo Gabba Gabba: … [Read more...]

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live: Get the Sillies Out!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live: Get the Sillies Out So who's ready to get the sillies out? Yo Gabba Gabba are on tour again and will be able to help us all get the sillies out LIVE at the Louisville Palace! DJ Lance Rock, and everyone's favorite colorful characters will be coming to our area to help you jump, shake and shimmy out all of those sillies! If your child is a fan of the show, as most are, this is the must see event of the year. Watch as your … [Read more...]

Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete

Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete Don't you love it when you empty the dishwasher and there is still film left on the dishes after a thorough cleaning cycle in your dishwasher? Whenever the girls empty the dishwasher, they don't pay attention to whether or not the dishes are clean. I hate pulling a glass or plate out of the cupboard and it being covered in spots, film or even food on it. It makes me sick!! I had a chance to try out … [Read more...]

Dot.Mine Planner Review

It's pertinent that I have a planner to HELP me be better organized. I’m a mom, wife and blogger, so I need to keep track of a lot!  There are school events, doctor appointments, family functions and so on.  As a blogger, I need to be able to keep track of my blogging to-do’s, giveaways, as well as different blogger events. I have found the ultimate planner called the Dot.Mine Planner. Not only is this planner great at helping me be organized, … [Read more...]

Glass Straw Reviews

In my house I am always looking for straws to use. I get so mad when I realize all my straws are gone!  I was really excited when I found out about this really AMAZING company that makes straws. Not just any normal straw, but glass straws! I am sure you are thinking but why a glass straw. Let me introduce you to Glass Straws!! Imagine always having a straw on hand! No need to keep buying and wasting your money on plastic straws. There are many … [Read more...]

Wexy Snack Bag Review

Wexy Snack Bag Review I recently received a box of WEXY Snack Bags to review.  They are snack bags made especially for children. They are biodegradable and BPA free!  Cute, little monsters are on the front of the bags, offering a fun alternative to the everyday zipper snack bags.  The fun design is intended to make healthy snacking more fun for childrenChildren can be very difficult sometimes and if a little cute bag can get them interested in … [Read more...]

Planning a Trip with GogobotTravel {#Gogobottravel}

Planning a Trip with GogobotTravel We have been saving our Air Miles for awhile now so that we can take a trip to Hawaii, specifically Maui! All I can think of is where am I going to stay, what I am going to eat, or visit while traveling to Hawaii. I decided to use a new to me site called Gogobot to plan my trip to Maui, Hawaii. Want to see how easy it is Planning a Trip with #GogobotTravel? Here is my dream vacation: … [Read more...]

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I was given the best opportunity to review Barts Cookies! Let me just say, that these cookies were so good that I didn't even the chance get to take a picture for you before they were all gone!! … [Read more...]

Goat Milk Stuff Soap: Review and $25 GC #Giveaway

A Good Clean Soap Made by a Good Clean Family!! Goat Milk Soap!! Wow! I just love this family and their wonderful product! Finding companies that uphold the same values and beliefs as we do is sometimes hard! Meet the Jonas Family!!  "We seek to honor Jesus in all that we do and that plays a big role in our family and our business. Our children are taught "everything is a God issue" — including making and selling soap. We believe … [Read more...]

Fiber One Chewy Bars are YUMMY!!! {Giveaway}

  I find myself spending so much time at the grocery store trying to find items that do NOT have High Fructose Corn Syrup. Especially when it comes to my kids. I want them to have healthy foods and snacks! My kids love granola bars as snacks and I like them too because they are so convenient. Did you know that General Mills has new Fiber One Chewy bars that are delicious and contain no high fructose corn syrup. It is a wholesome snack … [Read more...]

The Lakeside Collection Review {Hair Care Organizer and more!}

The Lakeside Collection offers a fine selection of merchandise at wonderful prices. Their team travels at home and abroad to collect and bring you the world's best products, along with outstanding prices and top notch service. It is their goal to bring you a world of style and value, and extend their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. When they recently asked me to review some of their products, I took the time together to browse … [Read more...]

Sibu Beauty: Purifying Mask, Facial Scrub & Toner Review

Sibu Beauty has done it again!!  Last year I discovered Sibu Beauty products and began using their balancing facial cleanser, repair and protect cream and cellular support gels. Sibu Beauty was nice enough to send me their three newest products to review: Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub, Purifying Mask and Clarifying Toner. The Sibu Beauty product line is based on a powerful and distinctive whole food source, the sea buckthorn berry. This … [Read more...]

Enter to Win!! Centrum ProNutrients Review & Giveaway #NutritionPossible

If you have been following my blog then you know I have recently taken steps to lose  weight and get healthier. I have been drinking my Visalus Shakes and a sensible dinner, while I try to include a variety of fruits and veggies throughout the day, I have been in need of a good multi-vitamin for quite some time, and was very excited to have the chance to check out some of the new ProNutrients products from Centrum. ProNutrients is a new line … [Read more...]