Don’t Forget~

Here is a highlight of things to do today: Head over HERE to enter our Purex Complete Giveaway!!   Head over HERE to CVS to get a coupon for FREE Candy or Drink.    Head over HERE and vote for me on Circle of Mom's (please).   Head over HERE to print a coupon good for $1 off Purex Complete Crystals!   Blockbuster Express FREE Movie Code: FNM37   Head over HERE and enter your email … [Read more...]

Vote for Me on Circle of Moms :)

If you would be so kind to vote for me on Circle of Moms! I would really appreciate it! Just head over HERE and vote. Thanks a bunch {here} … [Read more...]

Buy a New iPad Recently?

If you bought a First Generation iPad between Feb 16th and Mar 2nd, then Apple is apparently offering $100 back to anyone who purchased it.Just head on in to your local Apple store with your receipt to receive your credit; if you purchased online, call Apple’s 1-800 number and they will issue you the credit according to their website. Hope that helps! {here} … [Read more...]

Happy March!

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Good Morning!

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Guess what came in my mail today??

  I couldn't believe that it arrived so fast! My girls are so excited and have plans to make cupcakes in them :) Did anyone else get theirs?? {here} … [Read more...]

Swagger Wagon! Come get a good Laugh :)

Very Funny!   {here} … [Read more...]

Subway will test Gluten Free Sandwich!

If you have Celiac Disease then this is some news for you :) Subway tests a Gluten Free Sandwich … [Read more...]

TLC’s Extreme Couponing Tonight at 10:00 EST

TLC's Extreme Couponing Tonight at 10:00 EST!! … [Read more...]

Good Morning!! Happy Tuesday :)

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Happy New Year!!!

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Extreme Couponing airing tonight on TLC at 8:00pm

TLC – The Learning Channel is airing a new series tonight, December 29, at 8pm. Here is the website description: "Extreme Couponing profiles four shopaholics who use coupons to save thousands of dollars and amass huge stockpiles of goods.These shoppers go to the extremes, dumpster diving for coupons and spending hours a day searching the internet for great deals." This should be great! I know they are showing "EXTREME" people doing this but … [Read more...]

Can’t Wait to Celebrate the Birth of Christ!!

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