Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day Hope you have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY today!! … [Read more...]

Donate to Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown, CT

Donate to Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown, CT Want to help The City of Newtown or Sandy Hook Elementary? Here are some links and addresses: United Way (choose Fairfield County) Newtown Youth & Family Services Red Cross Newtown Parent Connection One Republic for Sandy Hook Send donations to: Newtown Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 596, Botsford, CT 06404 Send letters, gifts, etc to Messages of Condolence for Newtown P.O. Box 3700 … [Read more...]

4 FUN Christmas Party Games

4 Fun and Hilarious CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES Liven up your Holiday get together with Christmas party games sure to add zing to your gathering. Dirty Santa- Dirty Santa is a popular holiday game that can actually be the main event of your party. Everyone can participate while sipping on egg nog and noshing their favorite cookies.  Before the party, ask everyone to bring an item from home they no longer want but believe someone else could … [Read more...]

Live Feed from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Shooting in Newtown, CT

Live Feed from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Shooting in Newtown, CT I, along with many other bloggers are going to take the day off from posting deals. I'm in tears right now and can't even imagine what these families are going thru!! A "good deal" just seems so trivial. I just want to go get my kids out of school and hug them!! Hug your kids tight today and please keep Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown Connecticut in your prayers!! WFSB 3 … [Read more...]

Santa’s Live Reindeer Cam

Santa's Live Reindeer Cam Everyday at 11am, 6pm and 9pm Santa comes out to feed his reindeer. Make sure and watch because sometimes you will see his elves. My kids enjoy watching this EVERY year!! I also love how there is a Nice list with names scrolling across it! See if you can find your name :) Head over HERE to check it Santa's Live Reindeer Cam! … [Read more...]

Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips   Are you finding that the cost of food keeps going up and up??? Well I'm going to share a few tips to help you stretch your dollar further at the grocery store!!! We have to eat. There’s no getting around that. So, we have to find ways to spend less on groceries while still getting the things that we need to feed ourselves and our families. Here are six money saving tips to try the next time you go … [Read more...]

5 Kitchen Staples to Help you Save Money

5 Kitchen Staples to Help Save you Money   Do you ever wander how people kept food on the table in lean times? There is no secret that with good planning and preparation you an save hundreds of dollars a month!! Once we realize this and begin planning, you will see just how far your dollar will stretch!! I'm going to show you 5 Kitchen Staples to Help you Save Money!! The items that we have on hand are what determine how far our food … [Read more...]

Target Sitting out Black Friday 2012!!

  Target Sitting out Black Friday 2012 I just read about this and really couldn't believe it! Target may not be competing with competitors for Black Friday!! … [Read more...]

Cookie Monster sings parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’

  Cookie Monster sings parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' … [Read more...]

SlickHousewives seeking Assistants!!

If you are interested in joining the SlickHousewives team and potentially earning an income, fill out this document and I will let you know if we would like to work with you! It would be a commission split. Could lead to other work if partnership goes well. Can't wait to hear from some of you :) … [Read more...]

Dueling Piano’s: So much fun that I DID NOT EXPECT!!!

Have you heard of Dueling Piano's? Well I finally got to see what the hype was all about! First of all if you don't know what Dueling Piano's is, here is the definition: "Dueling pianos (also known simply as "sing-along") is a form of entertainment, usually on stage with two grand pianos, each played by a professional player who sings and entertains; humor and audience participation are prevalent. Usually these types of piano bars have … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Apologizes with Credits

  So do you think it's too late for GoDaddy?? Well, GoDaddy tried to win back its customers’  this morning, following its server outage Monday. The world’s largest domain register gave all of it's customer a month credits for their accounts. … [Read more...]

We Remember 9/11

We will never forget!! If you have a chance, you should watch this short video! What a way to turnaround something so horrible and Glorify God!! Make sure you have a box of kleenex beside you. If you need prayer in your life, be sure to leave us your requests HERE! … [Read more...]

Do You Think Gay Marriage Should be Legal???

Do You Think Gay Marriage Should be Legal??? I'm wondering what your opinions are on this subject!!!   PLUS when you tell us your opinion, you can win $400 Sweepstakes! Let me know what your opinion is about Gay Marriage!! … [Read more...]

Have you heard about Chemtrails??

                        The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials.[1] This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which … [Read more...]

Public Potty Training: Mom appears to potty training at restaurant table!!

I couldn't believe this when I saw it!! Mom appears to potty train at restaurant table. What are your thoughts? … [Read more...]

My Crazy Dog

My silly dog decided that she would try to be healthy! Somehow she found my Omega Red Fish Oil Samples (5ct) and went under the bed and chew open the box. She was able to eat all of them before my husband realized what she had done.She also managed to get a sample of Crest 3D whitestrips under the bed but luckily my husband got it away from her before she could whiten her teeth! I have to be more careful on where I store my sample stockpile!! … [Read more...]

Check out how you can pay LESS for Healthcare!!!

Paying too much for healthcare?? Check out this company and get a quote!! YOu might be surprised!! Just click on the banner~ … [Read more...]

NFL 2012 Regular Season Schedule

So do we have any NFL fans out there??? Well here is the official NFL 2012 Regular Season Schedule! … [Read more...]

Do you know what’s in your food??? Genetically Modified Foods #Monsanto #GMO’s

Honestly before I saw the movie Food Inc, I was completely oblivious to the content and how our food was made!! After I saw the Mom crying about how her son died, I was ready to learn more!! Here are small list of reasons why I WILL NOT buy Genetically Modified Foods: 1) GM foods won’t solve the food crisis 2) GM crops are a long-term economic disaster for farmers 3) GM foods have not been shown to be safe to eat If you are … [Read more...]