Can You Make Money Promoting the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge??

Promoting Body by Vi

Becoming A Visalus Promoter

Since becoming a promoter I”ve added an additional $1,000-$3,000/month PLUS earned a $600 Bonus payment for a BMW!!!!

A Visalus Promoter simply promotes the 90 Day Challenge and gets paid to do so based on volume sold and volume sold by his/her organization.

1)  You must enroll under another distributor. If you happen to know someone you want to enroll under make sure to use their link. In essence, it does not matter where you are located, you can enroll under anyone in any active country. If you wish to enroll with my team, visit

2) From that Visalus distributor’s site, select your location and follow the BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR

3) Select the Visalus distributor starter option you would like. I will expand on this since there are 3 options!

First Option is Basic Visalus Distributor $49: If you choose this option, you should also ADD one of the shake kits to your order because this option does not come with any product. This option is well fitted for someone who just wants to “dip their toes” in the water and try this out. You WILL get paid to promote Visalus by selecting this option as soon as you have a combined product volume of $125 (combined= your order volume plus the volume that others may order through you).
Second Option is ESS Visalus Distributor $499: If you choose this option, you do NOT need to ADD any shake kits to your order. This option already comes with product. The MAIN difference between ESS Distributorship and BASIC Distributorship is that: #1, ESS it comes with product. #2, ESS qualifies you to participate in the BMW incentive and additional bonus pools. #3, ESS get access to more training. The qualifications to start earning money as an ESS Distributor are the same as a Basic Distributor: you must have a combined product volume of $125 (combined= your order volume plus the volume that others may order through you).
Third option is ESS with samples Distributor $999: This option is exactly the same as the ESS $499 option, except for that it comes with MORE samples to give out!! If you want to hit the floor running, this option will allow you to have 50 people trying out the product right away with a sample you give them from your kit.
So I’m sure you are wondering what option “I” recommend??? I recommend the one that fits your goals & pocket book best! For me, personally, I like to Go Big or Go Home! (I started with ESS $999). If I go with the minimum, I tend to not take it too seriously. Also, this is a business, so treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business. The Visalus program is easy to promote and I believe the success the company has had is pretty much related to the fact that their compensation plan is relatively simple to follow and move up thru. Plus the shakes taste awesome!! That said, any option is a better option than no option and you can ALWAYS upgrade from one to the other at any time!
4) Tell some friends that you are starting a 90 day challenge with Body by Vi and would like to know if they’d like to do it with you!! You’d be surprised how many people LOVE to do this together!! You just have to tell them. Or, start the challenge yourself and as soon as you drop your first 10 lbs (usually within 2 weeks for most folks), go pay them a visit… they will ASK YOU what you are doing!!! Makes sure you have a handy sample with you to share. If you are ready to rock and roll and join Visalus, the fastest growing program in the industry,visit 
**If you still have some questions, feel free to call me and let’s set up a few minutes to talk. You can reach me at 706- 288- 8500 or email me at [email protected] I can help you get setup and going!!!
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