Amazon: Luvs Diaper Deal~Only $.09 per Diaper!

Right now, Amazon has the Luvs Diapers 258 Pack  for only $26.59 when you use the Subscribe and Save Option.This is for size 2.  The prices might be slightly different for a another size.  So, check and divide the amout of diapers by the Subscribe and Save price to see what the price per diaper is going to be. Size 1 Luvs Diapers actually end up being $.09 cents per diaper!

  • Then, purchase the 254 pack of Luvs Diapers in Size 2 for $26.59 using the Subscribe and Save Option on the right hand side.
  • After placing your order, wait until your order ships. Then, you can go into your Amazon Account page and click the “Manage Subscribe and Save link” and cancel it. That way you won’t have continual shipments of your order in the future.

Head on over HERE to Amazon to get started!

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