Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

We here at Slick Housewives would love to pray for you! “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 6-7

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If  you would like to join us in prayer, here are the requests:

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Husband has terminal cancer/1April 14, 2015Details
Prayer Request2December 3, 2012Details
Family seperstion1October 30, 2012Details
East Coast1October 30, 2012Details
family1October 3, 2012Details
separation1September 27, 2012Details
prayer for my best friend1September 26, 2012Details
Prayers for a Fireman1September 26, 2012Details
Health and renewal of Gods closeness.1August 16, 2012Details
Peace, Stability, Financial Freedom, Generation hindrances1August 15, 2012Details
Pray for my family1August 15, 2012Details
Marriage Saving4May 19, 2012Details
Marriage Saving1May 19, 2012Details
for my husband to stop being so mean8April 19, 2012Details
Strength and Guidance1April 17, 2012Details
we need health to see our kids to adult hood1April 7, 2012Details
I feel so lost3April 6, 2012Details
Praying God sends me a job 1April 6, 2012Details
help gatting approved for apartment1March 29, 2012Details
job!1March 12, 2012Details
Untitled1March 7, 2012Details
Health3February 23, 2012Details
Grief over loss one and help for myself and a sibling4February 23, 2012Details
Prayer for a friend3February 23, 2012Details
promotion 3February 22, 2012Details
Our Family3February 22, 2012Details
Deployment2February 22, 2012Details
blessing2February 22, 2012Details
Prayers for a blessing3February 20, 2012Details
Job2January 23, 2012Details
Brother having Cancer-Removal Surgery on 2/14/20121January 20, 2012Details
house1January 11, 2012Details
Husband Looking For A Job Lift His Spirit and Self and Soul2January 5, 2012Details
Financial crisis4December 24, 2011Details
Financial crisis3December 24, 2011Details
Peace1December 24, 2011Details
overwhelmed with debt3December 24, 2011Details
Praying for baby Cameron2December 24, 2011Details
For My Brother & his Wife2December 24, 2011Details
Prayers For Evan3December 24, 2011Details
Bring my husband home2December 24, 2011Details
Anxious1December 24, 2011Details
healing2November 17, 2011Details
Job4November 6, 2011Details
Mother's health2November 4, 2011Details
Overwhelmed2November 2, 2011Details
Husband's Bipolar3November 2, 2011Details
overwhelmed5October 25, 2011Details
Unfulfilled3October 11, 2011Details
family in crisis5October 9, 2011Details
Too close to rock bottom5October 9, 2011Details
just help all around1October 7, 2011Details
for housing 1October 6, 2011Details
Unfulfilled1October 4, 2011Details
When it rains it pours4October 1, 2011Details
Health and Financial Blessing2September 25, 2011Details
hardships2September 23, 2011Details
Ian Westbrook, Kennesaw, GA2September 23, 2011Details
Untitled2September 21, 2011Details
Untitled1September 20, 2011Details
to just keep going 5September 16, 2011Details
6 Flags1September 11, 2011Details
Wildfires in Texas1September 10, 2011Details
Job and Baby...3September 10, 2011Details
struggles1September 10, 2011Details
Please pray for my Daddy3September 9, 2011Details
Job needed1September 8, 2011Details
Unexpected little blessings & financial hardships9September 6, 2011Details
Dog to find forever loving home2September 1, 2011Details
prayer for health and dr's1August 31, 2011Details
Prayers2August 29, 2011Details
The blessing of children2August 28, 2011Details
For all the unwanted kids6August 28, 2011Details
A Job2August 28, 2011Details
Please Pray3August 26, 2011Details
Untitled3August 25, 2011Details
breathing room2August 25, 2011Details
Pray for Leo2August 25, 2011Details
Church Family3August 22, 2011Details
Cancer surgery & A Relief of stress from finances4August 22, 2011Details
My family's path4August 22, 2011Details
healthy pregnancy4August 22, 2011Details
animals2August 18, 2011Details
please help5August 17, 2011Details
faith1August 17, 2011Details
For My Father and Mother3August 17, 2011Details
Ill3August 17, 2011Details
Financial Blessing & Teenage Rebellion3August 17, 2011Details
Financial blessing and My Son3August 17, 2011Details
That our dog will find a good home.3August 17, 2011Details
Unspoken3August 17, 2011Details
Pregnancy and Finances3August 16, 2011Details
My family needs help and guidance3August 16, 2011Details
Job loss5August 16, 2011Details
pray for a friends father2August 16, 2011Details
Renewing our marriage4August 16, 2011Details
Finances2August 16, 2011Details
Pray for my Daddy4August 16, 2011Details
direction issues4August 16, 2011Details
Prayers that we conceive 5August 16, 2011Details
Depression11August 16, 2011Details