Pretty Please?

Don’t forget that you can be entered to win a $100 Gift Card when you vote in the Mom Central Grant Contest. If we win then one of you will get a $100 Gift card! !!! We entered this great opportunity in hopes of winning $2,000 for updates and changes on the website to make it easier for you.  We’d love to be able to do that.  You can help us by voting once a day until April 15th. When you do, leave a comment at the bottom of the voting page … [Read more...]

What makes your family happy?

What keeps you and your family happy? I love being able to to make my family happy, but sometimes that can be a hard task! There are five of us in this house and I can almost bet you that someone is going to be having a not so happy day. What I have found to be true is that my mood sets the tone for almost everyone in the house. If I am in a bad mood, it will eventually put my husband in a mood which will keep on going until our 3 year old is … [Read more...]

My favorite things about Easter :)

Easter is still a few weeks away, but it will be here before you know it!  SocialMoms and Universal Pictures have asked bloggers to write about their favorite things at Easter. For me Easter is a time to celebrate everything that Jesus has done for me!  I am always deeply moved . Every year I reflect on my relationship with Jesus and I am humbled and amazed that one such as me can enter into a personal relationship with God himself. I - the gir … [Read more...]

Travel Time: Tips for Saving Money while Traveling

 Tips for Saving Money while Traveling  It's almost Spring and that means that many of you will be traveling! Here a couple tips I put together that have saved our family money in the past. If you have any other tips for saving money while traveling, be sure to share them with us! 1.       Travel Off-Season: Traveling off-season can save you lots of money. Prices can be dramatically less at hotels during the off-season. The crowds are also … [Read more...]