Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk

Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk After my second child I knew I had to upgrade my camera, so I invested in a Nikon D40. I really do enjoy taking photos of my kids, but probably need to take some photography classes. These tips from photographer, Erin Manning, are really helpful to get you started!  … [Read more...]

Catch My Party: Party Ideas Above and Beyond!!

Catch My Party: Party Ideas Above and Beyond!! I love this website!!! They have so many ideas and tips for throwing parties. Adults and children alike!! Here's a creative way to use a football at a baby shower! See the whole shower pictures and ideas at Catch My Party! They have so many ideas including: Birthday Baby Shower/Sip & See Bridal/Wedding Shower Christmas/Holiday New Year's Wedding Tea Party Enjoy :) … [Read more...]

Christmas Party Games

CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES   Liven up your Holiday get together with Christmas party games sure to add zing to your gathering. Dirty Santa- Dirty Santa is a popular holiday game that can actually be the main event of your party. Everyone can participate while sipping on egg nog and noshing their favorite cookies.  Before the party, ask everyone to bring an item from home they no longer want but believe someone else could enjoy. Guests … [Read more...]

5 Frugal Breakfast Ideas

5 Frugal Breakfast Ideas   It is the first meal we eat when we get up in the morning. It's also the most important!!! After a long night of sleep, we can’t do without it if we want to get our bodies going. No, I’m not talking about coffee. I’m referring to breakfast. Here are some ideas for breakfast that don’t require a drive-thru window. These are great and some can be made the night before!! … [Read more...]

5 Kitchen Staples to Help you Save Money

5 Kitchen Staples to Help Save you Money   Do you ever wander how people kept food on the table in lean times? There is no secret that with good planning and preparation you an save hundreds of dollars a month!! Once we realize this and begin planning, you will see just how far your dollar will stretch!! I'm going to show you 5 Kitchen Staples to Help you Save Money!! The items that we have on hand are what determine how far our food … [Read more...]

Carving a Pumpkin this Year?

  What can you carve besides a Pumpkin? … [Read more...]

EASY Healthy Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Lunch Box Ideas

  My daughter has been wanting to go Gluten Free for awhile now for many different reasons! I've been trying to figure out what to do about lunch at school. Options are obviously very limited especially when you add Dairy-free. When trying to find ideas for gluten-free lunch box ideas, they also seem to involve buying bread substitutes. These ideas are usually expensive and taste not to great!! Here are some bread-free lunch box ideas … [Read more...]

Make this Colorful Cup Sphere!!!

  Want to see how to make this colorful Cup Sphere?? Head over HERE to Honest to Nod to see how easy it is to make in a couple steps. … [Read more...]

Entertainment Ideas for New Years Eve & the Weekend

Here are some ideas for this New Years Eve and Weekend Movies: -Redbox: Get a free Movie Code when you register for a Red Box account! You will also receive a free Movie Code on the first Monday of every month. Plus Now through December 31st, rent 3 Redbox movies and Get 1 Free or Rent 5 Redbox movies and Get 2 Free.  Make sure and use the same credit card and email address at the time of check-out at any redbox kiosk during this offer … [Read more...]